19.05.16 Im on instagram. FOLLOW ME! NOW! @timmhenger

17.03.16 The website got a refresh. Some more projects are online.

11.03.16 The eight Rundgang 2015 posters, designed by the Rund Gang (Jonathan Auch, Steffen Knöll, Raffael Kormann, Fabian Krauss and myself) are selected for the 100 Beste Plakate 2015.

24.02.16 The USA—NSA poster as well as our poster series for Rundgang 2015 has been selected for the Tokyo TDC Annual Awards book 2016.

12.02.16 HGB Leipzig opens for Rundgang. Come along!

18.10.15 My USA—NSA poster won a Special Award (selected by jury member Rik Bas Backer) at the 7th China International Poster Biennial. Thanks Mr. Rik Bas Backer!

01.09.15 My poster Illustrationsimpuls got 3rd place (student category) at the Trnava Poster Triennial.

01.09.15 We just moved to Leipzig. Looking forward to HGB Leipzig.


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